Web of Information Service Professionals
WISP is led by David Rockwell, and is a loose knit association of independent IT professionals and developers, available for contracting to your project or for your temporary workforce needs.

Call for an appointment or consultation 978-365-5092

or can contact me at

What we do: Deployments, Upgrades, Application roll-outs, Maintenance, Support, Help-desk, training, Web site development

We Sites we have developed or improved include The Cake Lady and Cakesafe.com

Who we are: A variety of individuals with varied skills and backgrounds.
David's Resume in online here: David's primary focus at present is developing RESTful web applications, for small residential programs for young people and for special education school operations, and developing web sites in support of workforce productivity and information sharing .

We have associates familiar with point of sales equipment, Linux , Audio Visual equipment, Video Conferencing, Site Audits and a wide variety of technology help for your enterprise.

Things we believe in: Helping people, leading by example , Open Standards, challenges, Open Source Code, Community, Collaboration, convention over specification, develop with users, fun, prototyping, diversity, simplify, webify, tools, tools tools

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